The Wild West ... the outback ... The new world of the 1800s was a time of true liberty. People stood on their own merits. They won or they lost and they reaped the rewards or swallowed the consequences. There were no cubicle dwelling civil servants hell bent on saving you from yourself. No planning permits no licenses no permissions no heritage overlay no bylaw no regulators no inspectors. And guess what ... it worked

This site is set up to provide a forum for a number of like minded professional economists to post and comment on contemporary issues. There are a number of regular contributors whose bios are made available on the site. Most if not all of these contributors use a pseudonym for the simple reason that they are practicing economists who must take into consideration the commercial implications of posting their opinions.

While some may feel that this is a bit of a gutless approach it is the only way we can ensure free and open discussion without jeopardising our paycheques.

Monday, June 15, 2009

2020 Health, Foreign Affairs and Sustainability (Roy Rodgers)

In case you've just happened across this blog site and are a bit confused about the 2020 carry on. Its all explained in an earlier blog on May 24.

As a refresher .... the posts are excerpts from a book that my compatriots and I started to draft regarding consulation and 2020. We never actually finished it, but we thought there was value in posting what sections we had drafted. Its also highly unlikely that anyone other than this blogs authors will ever bother to read our posts so we figured it couldn't hurt to throw them out into the blogosphere (or whatever its called).

If your still confused ................................


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