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Thursday, August 13, 2009

A further comment on arts degrees (Lone Ranger)

As the holder of a Master of Arts degree, I would love to be able to refute Roy’s assessment of the modern Bachelor of Arts – but alas, I cannot fault his thinking.

Truthfully, far too many BAs in our time are complete drivel – gender, sexuality and diversity studies or white deconstructionism or media studies or peace studies or sociology and politics or whatever other rubbish the no-hopers who staff most arts faculties can invent. This is a shame as “humanities” as traditionally conceived really did look at the great questions of life – theology, history, rhetoric – and objectively tried to further the knowledge and moral stature of humanity. “Gender, sexuality and diversity studies” ain’t exactly up there with Gibbons or Aberlard. Indeed, this sort of study (aka “waste of space”) is entirely ideological, taught by losers who could never get a non-publicly funded job other than perhaps cleaning toilets, and who generally despise the following (in no particular order): the free market, capitalism, talent of any sort, freedom generally, the family, religion (especially Christianity or Judaism), people with a different point of view, national pride, patriotism, cheap consumer goods for the masses, anyone who can add up, tradition and the profit motive.

My own memories as an under-grad in the commerce faculty included the arrow pointing to a toilet paper dispenser in the men’s with the caption saying “arts degree”. Is it any wonder?


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