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Monday, January 18, 2010

Lets hope for the best (Roy Rodgers)

Haiti is an absolute disaster, and i wish nothing but the best for those that have fallen victim to the recent earthquake.

However, I would be interested in knowing how the humanitarian effort is going. Whether its getting food and supplies to those who need it as quickly as possible.

The following is an excerpt from Haiti's 2009 poverty reduction strategy.

Strategic-level entities: the Strategic Orientation Investment Council (COSI), the Donor Advisory Committee (DAC), and the Priority Arbitration Committee (CAP) are not yet officially up and running. At the operational level, the Interministerial Committee for Implementation Coordination and Monitoring (CICSMO) is up and running and is chaired by the Minister of Planning and External Cooperation. The Executive Secretariat of CICSMO, the key entity for the entire implementation mechanism, the Interministerial Subcommittee for Sectoral Coordination and Monitoring (SCTICSMO), and the Departmental Subcommittees for Implementation Coordination and Monitoring in the regions (SCDCSMOs) have been established. SCTICSMO is holding its ninth monthly coordination and monitoring meeting (thanks to a fist full of euros).

wow ... what a load of bureaucratic crap ... do all those committees seriously give anyone any faith that they have the whole development thing under control.

Poverty reduction strategies apparently describe a country's macroeconomic, structural and social policies and programs aimed at promoting economic growth and of course .. reducing poverty. The strategies are prepared by government and 'development partners' such and World Bank and the IMF.

Lets hope the disaster relief effort is better organised than the poverty relief effort.


Anonymous said...

Development (aka Dev or D) is all about developing more letter combinations (DMLC) that develop a better broth (BB) for the alphabet soup (AS) created by the NGOs, WB, IMF, and of course the WTO.

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