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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Regulatory madness (RR)

Hows this for regulatory madness.

I just heard from a reliable source that work cover NSW is seriously considering regulating pall bearers so that they have to wear hard hats ... apparently an open grave means that the site is considered dangerous ... ergo hard hats.

Its sort of hard to pull off a sombre funeral when you have six blokes standing around the coffin in bright yellow hard hats ... or perhaps there will be special black ones .... or white ones with doves on them .... or sky blue ones with pictures of the pearly gates on the front.

or for that special funeral ... hardhats covered in flames.

Whats next ... is the priest going to have to throw a safety harness around the gravestone?

I would like to see their regulatory impact statement, in particular i would love to see the stats on falling into open grave related accidents.

Its about time someone introduced kill a bureaucrat day!!!!


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