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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another argument against wowserism (Lone Ranger)

In support of Roy's recent posts on wowserism, I came across this from Time magazine (I hasten to add, I do not read this magazine as a matter of course...). Apparently, non-drinkers are more anxious/depressed than those is us that imbibe.

Needless to say as the father of two small children, alcohol is now a necessity rather than a luxury (contrary to what the do-gooders say, alcohol DOES make things better). Those annoying ads on TV that claim drinking in front of kids is a bad example for them get up my nose - kids need to understand that they cannot always do what the adults do. For God's sake. I wish the wowsers would stop trying to control our lives. The trouble is, they seem to congregate in government....


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