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Friday, July 24, 2009

The endless search for new victims or the raison d’être of the modern leftie (Lone Ranger)

The constant and growing socialisation from all our lives through the expansion of Government and the ever increasing volume of regulations and laws cannot be separated from the socialist goal of using “equality” (whatever that means) as a way of controlling society. This desire for equality can manifest in a variety of objectives and goals, including:
  • High levels of taxes on the middle classes and the “rich” which are then used to subsidise the lifestyles of the poor – the “disadvantaged”, the “less fortunate” and the “victims”
  • Ever increasing efforts to legislate thought control, through a variety of “anti-discrimination” legislation (anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-creedism, anti-heightism etc)
  • Ironically, the desire to shove the concept of “diversity” down our throats as if it must be a positive. Note that diversity does not run to diversity of thought – what is envisaged is a group of multi-gender, multi-coloured, multi-linguistic and multi-age “diverse” people all thinking exactly the same way
  • The growth of more “essential services” without which people will die (e.g. subsidised taxis for the “disabled”). This entails (a) a lot more public servants to administer programs and (b) when Governments decide that more public servants appear to be a bad look, through (entirely publically funded) not for profit agencies
  • The growth of the bizarre concept that no aspect of life is taken seriously unless there is a Minister responsible. This helps to explain why the Victorian Government has a Minister for Community Development (can’t communities develop themselves?), a Minister for Financial Services (Minister for the banks and super funds) and a Minister for Innovation (an oxymoron, surely). The problem arises when Ministers want to be seen to be doing something (the need for a press release is strong – call it a substitute for achievement), and hence new and imaginative regulations and programs must be dreamed up and funded

All of which adds up to the need for a constant stream of disadvantaged and victims that the lefties can “help”. This allows them to tax and spend more, provide jobs for their leftie mates in industries deemed socially “aware”, and pretend that, unless we want throw more and more of our hard-earned at a bunch of no-hopers, we are right-wing thugs and so on.

I mentioned Ministerial portfolios earlier. Indeed, the number of portfolios for victims is extensive – Ministers for Women’s Affairs, Aboriginal Affairs, Pacific Island Affairs, Multicultural Affairs, old people, youth, children, disabled and veterans. And you do not even need to be human to be a basket case in need of help – Ministers for manufacturing are a case in point.

So what does all this mean? Well, the bitter truth is that, despite all the protestations of love, peace and harmony, the whole leftist approach is driven almost entirely by self interest. The left needs a constant flow of new victims to keep it employed (with public money, of course) and to make the rest of us guilty enough to cough up more and more of our income in the form of tax to fund these whims.

Why do you think leftists love refugees who have almost no hope of integrating into Australian society any time soon? Not because they believe in racial equality – indeed, anything but. The refugees are so helpless, apparently, that they need the help of the lefties to get by. Whole industries are dependent on the constant flow of these people – social services, health services, interpreters and translators, educators, advocates – you name it. And all funded from the public purse either directly or indirectly.

The whole welfare state is, in many ways, a giant scam cooked up by lefties to provide well paid careers for them and their cronies. Government support for the unemployed and “less fortunate” grows over time, thus obviating the need or desire for many to ever work again or take responsibility for their families (helped along by minimum wages locking them out of the workforce). And see what this lack of responsibility causes – broken families, broken societies and a permanent underclass of no-hopers who have come to expect – nay, demand – a constant flow of hand outs from Government. It makes me laugh when I hear people talk about “free” education or “free” health since it might be free for them, but not for the poor sods who have funded it. By what moral right should Governments determine how any of us use our hard earned?

Think of the lack of logic that Government interventions generally have. For instance, Governments tax the billy-o out of gambling, and then use some of the proceeds to assist “problem gamblers”. If gambling is such a problem, outlaw it. Or better yet, get out of the way and let the losers and their families live with the consequences of their actions. Whatever happened to free will and taking responsibility for the consequences of your actions?

In their search for victims (aka the meal ticket), these people will stop at nothing. You too can be a victim, as long as you are prepared to find an advocate who looks convincing on camera.

Until we collectively stop this rubbish, it will continue to get worse. A better approach can be summed up, I think, in that classic refrain “just get over it”. Liberty is not yet dead, but I think it is on life support.


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