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Friday, July 24, 2009

Re: Roy Rodgers vs the Hairy Bitch (Lone Ranger)

Roy’s posting a little while ago got me thinking about primary schools, as my oldest daughter will soon be attending our local school. In my younger, stupider days, my wife and I purchased a house in a seedy but yuppifying inner city area, without thinking through the consequences of things such as schools.

Our local school, which will remain nameless, has the following on its website:

The school is founded upon these core values:
  • confident, life-long learning
  • integrity and self-esteem
  • trust and co-operation
  • respect and resilience
  • leadership and excellence in learning

I was rather hoping that there would be an explicit reference to literacy and numeracy, but no. What the hell is “resilience”? Thanks, but I would rather you left that particular value to the parents.

All a school has to do is teach kids to read, write and add up – and maybe a little history for the heck of it. Why is this such a difficult concept for teachers to grasp?

Home schooling is looking better and better.


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