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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Would Johny and Pete have done it different (Roy Rodgers)

Of late I've been getting the impression that people believe the liberals would have reacted to the threat of recession in much the same way that big kev has. And while its probably true of turnbull, its probably very untrue of howard and costello.

I suspect there would have been nowhere near the amount of bailing out. Howard and Costello proved that they were willing to let large firms go under .... let the market have its way .... every one should remember ansett, one tel and HIH. Do you think for a second that big kev has the ticker to let the market discipline these firms.

And i also suspect they wouldn't have embarked on the same keynesian response. See the attached interview from stanford uni in April 2009.

If for nothing else its worth a gander just to remind yourself of how different the libs used to be. Its also interesting to note that in just one short interview howard is able to evidence more understanding of the the current global credit crisis than big kev could muster in 7000 words.


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