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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I love nut jobs (roy rodgers)

If you've been following this blog, you probably would have noticed that some of us have a love for nutjobs. I really do love them, they are the highlight of many of the consultation programs I was forced to endure when working for government.

To tell the truth I find their capacity for irrationality bundled with their blind passion and horrendous grammar totally seductive.

Since Ive started blogging Ive found that you don't need to be engaged in some mindless round of consultation to find these guys, you don't need to shift through reams of pointless submissions. All you need to do is read the comments attached to blog sites. Particularly sites that exhibit a good base understanding of economics. For some reason these sites seem to attract the pearlers.

So in the spirit of sharing life's joys ... hear is this weeks pearler nut job

The site it comes from relates to an article/opinion by John Stossel, covering the prohibition on markets for organ transplants and the inevitable rise of criminal activity resulting from the prohibition.

and here it is reproduced exactly as posted ... enjoy


My friend, selling Kidenys will only create a world filled with people who are not capable of moving or enduring pain and stress to create their own destiny!Selling Kidneys is not a Christlike selfless act but a desperate act to stay alive living in mediocrity that the dictators create spending billions of dolloars in hollywood financing films against me and spending billions of dollars for making atomic weaponry while their own people are dying of hunger having to sell Kidney! That is why my Leadership Excellence Program enforced by United Nations will disqualify the incompetent dictators like Ahamadinejad and that is why I am censored and hundreds of young people are being encouraged to martyr themselves so that the dictator could live on behind their dead bodies on the stick for I can talk & they cannot!That is why they kill the living and worship the dead historically not to loose the toxic control of the bully dictator who must be the one stealing lifework of others to make the dead wrong decisions by himself bringing cenosrship from the East blocking democracy in and from the West!


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